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Optimised energy systems - across all resources

High performance power plant optimisation - made in Germany

Efficient, sustainable energy systems

Today it is more important than ever to use conventional power plants, renewable energy systems and generation portfolios- i.e. with the lowest possible costs, high profit and, above all, sustainably. The aim is not only to ensure a reliable production, but also to conserve resources and to participate successfully in the market. Optimisation potential can be found in every energy system. Our optimisation software BelVis ResOpt increases this potential and supports the implementation of an optimal system.

More about BelVis ResOpt

Who benefits and how?

Typical applications with high optimisation potential are power plant optimisation, portfolio and procurement optimisation, trading, resource and energy management and virtual power plants. Customers use the BelVis ResOpt optimisation solution, for example, for

  • an increase in added value from their own system and portfolio
  • higher contribution margins and lower costs
  • an increase in operational efficiency
  • best possible, safe and quick decisions regarding operational management, deployment planning and the conservation of resources
  • planning of profitable trading activities
  • an automated generation of important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for management

The benefit from BelVis ResOpt is for all participants engaged in the liberalized energy market - resource planners, system operators, traders, energy suppliers, municipal utilities, decision-makers in energy-intensive industries and others.

BelVis ResOpt typically has an ROI of well under one year.

Let us convince you about the benefits of our optimisation software in a study on feasibility and financial savings potential.

BelVis ResOpt at a glance

The highly integrated KISTERS optimisation solution BelVis ResOpt delivers the best practical deployment decisions in the energy industry. It exploits all constraints (government requirements, market specifications, prices, contractual restrictions, technical constraints) to the maximum and creates, for example, optimal plant schedules or trading proposals.

BelVis ResOpt models the entire spectrum of the energy industry with the help of a graphical user interface and translates it into a mathematical model that takes all essential technical and economic restrictions into account.

BelVis ResOpt is scalable in terms of the number and size of sites as well as the IT infrastructure (SaaS or on-premise group solution). It integrates well with surrounding processes/systems such as forecasting, trading and control systems. Regardless of whether it is from KISTERS or from third-party providers.

Cloud solution for more flexibility

The entire software solution for virtual power plants and energy generation is available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) from our certified KISTERScloud. This means that you do not acquire the software itself, but the right to use it completely or partially, with a certain number of users, over a certain period of time, via the Internet. Additional options are, for example, backup service, monitoring, on-call service, update service and administrative support. The software runs in the certified KISTERS Data Centre in Aachen/Germany and you access it via web browser over a secure connection. Operating your system as a KISTERScloud solution is quick to set up, requires only low investment costs and is available at attractive monthly rental prices.


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