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Gas portfolio optimisation

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Gas is a substantial source of energy in today's energy supply and is likely to play an even more important role in decarbonization and power-to-gas technology as part of the energy transition.

As a trader, you have to achieve the economic optimum and fulfilment security for your gas portfolio - if necessary also across countries. In doing so, complex tasks have to be solved, e.g.

  • Evaluation, conclusion and fulfilment of complex procurement and supply contracts in the long-term and short-term sectors
  • Risk assessments
  • Management of gas storage facilities
  • Arrange and manage transport capacities
  • Make investment decisions and answer design questions


These tasks are independent of whether you, as a trader, are located in a national or regional sector, in an industrial park or in a municipal utility.

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Optimal practical suggestions

Finding the optimal design within a procurement and distribution portfolio becomes a complex task due to the multitude of boundary conditions.

Optimisation systems such as BelVis ResOpt help to solve these problems. The software calculates - based on a very detailed image/model of the procurement and supply contracts, storage facilities, transport capacities, gas generation plants, etc. - suggestions for the optimal design of the gas portfolio.

BelVis ResOpt delivers consistent optimisation results for all time horizons (long-term, medium-term, day-ahead) and considers all boundary conditions (supply contract conditions, supply costs, quantity restrictions of supply contracts, injection/ withdrawal conditions for gas storage facilities, transport capacities). This results in practical solutions that can even be executed fully automatically via our BelVis Workflow application.

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Your optimisation options (deterministic and stochastic)

BelVis ResOpt finds the best application among the many alternatives offered and transforms the complexity of your gas portfolio into clear statements and simple efficiency.

A special feature of BelVis ResOpt is the ability to optimise stochastically in addition to classic, deterministic optimisation approaches. While deterministic approaches provide one optimal solution, the stochastic approach can provide many valid solutions, considering the probability of occurrence of the individual solution. This is a frequently used approach especially in the area of optimising gas portfolios due to the many uncertainties. BelVis ResOpt can do both approaches - based on the same model.

Let us convince you of the benefits of BelVis ResOpt deployment optimisation for your portfolio optimisation in a study on feasibility and financial savings potential.


BelVis ResOpt: Functional and user-friendly

The model of your portfolio including all contracts and boundary conditions, storage and transmission capacities, etc., is conveniently set up in BelVis ResOpt using the fully graphical user interface and standard components from the BelVis ResOpt toolbox. Alternatives can be derived from the basic model in order to calculate different business models and time horizons either stochastically or deterministically. In addition, BelVis ResOpt provides functions and tools for load forecasting, recalculation and analysis, billing preparation, interfaces to trading systems (ETRM) and much more.

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Project example

One of the larger municipal companies in the German energy market supplies industry and private customers with gas, electricity, heat, water and services. To further strengthen its competitiveness, the company uses BelVis ResOpt to optimise its gas portfolio.

BelVis ResOpt optimises contracts, trading, gas storage operation modes and the booking of transport capacities. A risk assessment in the sense of sensitivity and scenario analyses is carried out with stochastic optimisation, which enables an estimation of the risk via a probability distribution of the results. The system is technically modular and freely scalable.

Special features of optimisation

  • Gas portfolio consisting of numerous gas supply contracts with min/max quantity conditions, take or pay conditions, transport capacities, gas storage facilities, distribution and power plant gas loads.
  • Different market areas with cross-market area trading on different gas hubs
  • Optimisation of gas storage facility, connected to two different market areas. The maximum injection rate depends on the fill level and is different for each market area. In addition, there is a maximum withdrawal rate, which is subject to strong fluctuations in the course of the year (depending on temperature).
  • Consideration of booked transport capacities and determination of future necessary capacity bookings
  • Stochastic variant optimisation of the portfolio for risk assessment and sensitivity analysis

The optimisation with BelVis ResOpt considers contractual and technical boundary conditions and maximizes the revenue by determining optimal trade and deployment proposals for the technical facilities.


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