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Project example > 20210517_District-Heating-Optimization_STEAG-KISTERS_EN_final.pdf
2. Array
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Project example > 210511_OptimizationSteelMill_final_ENG.pdf
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Software for optimal VPPM operation > 190923_VirtualPowerPlantManager-VPPM_en.pdf
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BelVis ResOpt – Optimization > 190923_BelVis_ResOpt_en.pdf
BelVis ResOpt at a glance The highly integrated KISTERS optimisation solution BelVis ResOpt delivers the best practical deployment decisions in the…
Optimal practical recommendations Achieving these goals and finding the optimal way to operate a portfolio of conventional power plants becomes a…
Optimal practical suggestions Finding the optimal mode of operation for a hydropower system with e.g. dams, run-of-river or pumped…
BelVis ResOpt – Optimization BelVis ResOpt is the optimization software for planning resource and plant deployment in the environment of complex…
9. VPP
Robust decision support and trading assistance The constant balancing of generation, storage and consumption, the best possible marketing of the…
Optimal practical suggestions Achieving these goals and finding the optimal mode of operation of the district heating network, the feeders and the…
11. Customer
Our project examples for efficient, sustainable energy management systems. Request a consultation
Optimal practical suggestions Achieving these goals and finding the optimal supply for the industrial site/plant is a highly complex task due to the…
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