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Optimization software BelVis ResOpt

Optimization software for the planning of resource deployment in multi-commodity and multi-market environments

Grafik Monitor Konventionelle Kraftwerke

BelVis ResOpt – Optimization

BelVis ResOpt is the optimization software for planning resource and plant deployment in the environment of complex energy markets.

In doing so, BelVis ResOpt can model the entire spectrum of the energy industry with the help of a graphical user interface and translate it into a mathematical model that takes all essential technical and economic restrictions into account.

As a result, you receive optimal plant schedules as well as trading proposals - from long-term trading (OTC, EEX etc.) to the intraday market (EPEX, Nordpool etc.).

BelVis ResOpt can be integrated into surrounding processes/systems such as forecasting, trading and control systems. No matter if from KISTERS or from third party suppliers.

BelVis ResOpt is scalable in terms of number and size of plants as well as IT infrastructure (SaaS or on-premise group solution) and typically has a ROI of well below one year. We are also happy to conduct feasibility studies for you.

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