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Virtual power plants

Grafik Monitor Virtuelle Kraftwerke

Decentralized generators, consumers and storage facilities are operated more efficiently, economically and ecologically when they are combined to form a virtual power plant (VPP) and controlled centrally. In order to participate successfully in the market, government regulations, market specifications, technical boundary conditions and contractual restrictions must be considered and costs and benefits must be kept in view at all times. Profitable business models are e.g.

  • Intraday, Day-ahead and spot market, make or buy
  • Control energy market (minute and secondary reserve)
  • Cross-unit optimisation, sector coupling, multi-commodity optimisation
  • Demand side management / load control
  • EEG direct marketing
  • Autarky, both balance sheet (balancing group) and physical (grid)
  • Storage management (e.g. night storage, battery, gas or heat storage)
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Contracting, contract management

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Robust decision support and trading assistance

The constant balancing of generation, storage and consumption, the best possible marketing of the decentrally generated electricity and the system-specific billing of the small producers involved can only be optimally managed with software support. The highly integrated KISTERS software platform VPPM (Virtual Power Plant Manager, based on BelVis ResOpt) connects decentralised generators, consumers and storage facilities in terms of control technology and optimises their use for maximum profitability. It provides robust and risk-minimised recommendations for the optimal market placement of all assets as well as the corresponding 15-minute schedules for optimised overall operation.

All relevant procurement and supply contracts, markets, technical boundary conditions and asset classes (photovoltaic/biogas plants, wind farms, CHPs, aggregated small systems, large-scale power plants, power-to-X plants, hydrogen generation) and, of course, the applicable laws (e.g. EEG, KWKG), CO2 certificates and ecological aspects are taken into account.

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Your advantages

KISTERS as a general contractor for Virtual Power Plants disposes of many years of experience in the planning, realization, operation and optimisation of Virtual Power Plants not only supplies the proven software modules but can support your company in all phases of setting up your VPP. Your benefit:

  • Best possible marketing in the medium-term, week-ahead, day-ahead and intraday area, economic generation schedules, optimal storage utilization.
  • Everything from a single source - from connection of the plant to marketing on the exchange
  • SaaS solution with complete functionality: quick to set up, low-cost, secure, flexible, easy to customize and operate
  • Integrated forecasts based on artificial intelligence
  • Automated handling of business processes (BelVis Workflow)

Software for optimal VPPM operation

VPPM is also available as an individual solution tailored to the requirements of your company. For this purpose, we analyse the individual situation of your company in detail in a preliminary phase and evaluate which type of virtual power plant and which business processes are worthwhile for you. Please contact us.

The overall VPPM solution includes easy-to-use, clearly structured tools for all VPPM-related tasks:

  • Planning tools for the medium-term, week-ahead, day-ahead to intraday planning horizon
  • Load forecasts for predicting and planning energy consumption and prices
  • Storage management (electricity, heat, gas, compressed air, batteries, hydrogen, etc.)
  • Load management and system monitoring (SCADA)
  • Cross unit optimisation of all options for action from the networked management of electricity, gas, heat, cooling, steam and any other commodities
  • Transparent accounting of all assets involved including the individual market shares.

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